How to choose carpet for the house

How to choose carpet for the house

One of convenient floor coverings – carpet to which on degree of cosiness any other material will not be compared. Additional benefits of carpet concern simplicity of flooring and usability, however before choosing carpet, it is necessary to study the main characteristics of this floor covering.


1. First of all the carpet for the house is subdivided into natural and synthetic. Natural it is made of wool and costs quite much. In synthetic carpet the artificial fibers are combined with natural, it is not so eco-friendly, but is more available. Unlike woolen carpet, synthetic will serve much longer. Depending on what type of fiber is used, there is carpet from nylon, olefin, polyester and polyacrylic. Best of all the covering with fibers from nylon which are not afraid even of heavy furniture keeps form.

2. The following selection criterion is method of production of carpet. The most quality and expensive material is created by analogy with carpets. The woven carpet is made on the jute basis similar to small grid. Not less wearproof tufted carpet which top pile represents eyelets of various height at the expense of what the volume drawing turns out. However it is rather difficult to clean it. The lint-free covering by the form reminding felt turns out as a result of needled way of creation of carpet. Such material is good for rooms with high passability.

3. Universal recommendations on what carpet to choose, just do not exist. Everything depends on material resources of the buyer. At the same time it is necessary to remember what influences the price of carpet and way of coloring of threads. The most expensive carpet initially trudges from already painted threads. Less strong option is drawing the drawing on cliche on ready cloth. In this case color is abraded and fades most quicker.

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