How to choose ceiling plinth

How to choose ceiling plinth

It is necessary to approach the choice of ceiling plinth responsibly. Special attention needs to be paid to material of which it is made. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer's country. Get only quality plinth.


1. It should be noted that domestic copies have lower cost, than foreign, at the same time there are practically no differences in quality. You can safely support domestic manufacturer. In the market it is possible to get plinth shponirovanny, from laminate or from the massif.

2. Also pay attention to height of ceilings of the room. If the ceiling is highly over floor height, then it is the best of all to get dimensional plinth. Otherwise the accessory can just merge in big scales of the room.

3. Ceiling plinth can give completeness to registration of interior. It also well covers gaps which are available between the pasted tile and wall as in most cases the ceiling and walls have curvature. The ceiling plinth allows to make transition from wall to ceiling more esthetic. With its help it is possible to achieve visual reduction or increase in the room. All this depends on plinth width.

4. The ceiling plinth of their polystyrene well will be suitable for the apartment, cottage and for office. It is the best of all to glue it by means of liquid nails or special glue. When mounting it is not necessary to press strongly on plinth because there can be traces. Also the accessory needs to be protected from influence of various solvents well.

5. At ceiling plinth the smooth laminated and waterproof surface. For this reason quite just to look after it. It is possible just to wipe with damp sponge sometimes.

6. After pokleena wall-paper, at once it is possible to glue ceiling plinth. For this purpose it is necessary to stock up with special glue in advance. It is the best of all to buy polymeric transparent glue. On plinth it is necessary to apply adhesive layer and to wait about three minutes in order that it has begun to accept the properties. The plinth should not be held long when mounting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team