How to choose ceramic plate

How to choose ceramic plate

Ceramic plates strongly enter our life. They cook food quicker than ordinary models, are ordinary in management and approach modern interior. If you want to use ceramic plate in kitchen, it is necessary to know some features of this electric device.


1. Pick up type heating elements plates with ceramic working surface several types of heaters are used: spiral, tape, halogen, induction. Heating of spiral and tape elements happens the same as in normal electric ovens. Only here they it is closed not by pig-iron rings, but glass ceramics layer with the marked circles, and therefore frying pans and pans are warmed much quicker.

2. If you want to spend less time for cooking, choose ceramic plate with the halogen heater. At inclusion of ring the powerful thermal radiation is created at once. Ware becomes hotter instantly as here as element the tube filled with halogen vapors is used.

3. Stop the attention on plates with induction type of heating. In these models the ware is quickly warmed, and the plate remains cold. It is simple to look after cooking surface of such ceramic plate, drops of food do not dry and easily are removed. Also the fact that about the induction heater it is impossible to burn is important – it remains cold.

4. Pick up model konforokkeramichesky plates are carried out with double-circuit and three-planimetric rings that it was possible to change the area of heating of surface depending on the frying pan bottom size. If you often cook food in oval ware, choose plate where it is possible to switch round shape of ring to oval form. Pay attention to models with automatic fine tuning of the area of heating - rather simply to put pan on ring and uniform heating will be provided to you. For plate the function of automatic switching off will be useful. If contents of pan have enough heated up and have begun to boil, the ring is switched off.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team