How to choose chairs

How to choose chairs

The chair is the important piece of furniture playing absolutely not smaller role, than sofa. In it, for example, it is possible to relax and read the favourite book or to doze a little after the unlucky working day. Chairs, as well as any other furniture, have set of characteristics. They are also taken into account when choosing these home decoration. Besides chair – excellent element of decor.


1. Important selection criterion – ratio of rigidity of back of chair and its seat. Here, as say: "Everyone to his own taste". Someone likes rigid chairs, others like to have a rest in soft deep, and the third prefer the chairs executed in classic style.

2. If the choice has fallen on chair bag, pay attention to availability of internal cover. The fact is that over time the external cover will become soiled (dust, accidental spots, etc.). If in "design" the internal cover is not provided, then it will be very difficult to refresh chair: it is necessary to erase it entirely.

3. One more important criterion when choosing chairs – the used filler. In frameless furniture expanded polystyrene with a density not less than 25 kg/m3 is used. If density is more, then such chairs it is heavier, and at the smaller density – their fast shrinkage is possible.

4. Choosing chairs on frame basis, for example, computer, pay attention to adjusting gears, back form and also availability of armrests and quality of wheels. And, it is impossible to save on armrests at all, these constructive parts support elbows during operating time, help to fall to chair or to rise from it. Ideal option – chairs with adjustable armrests.

5. Pay attention to the mechanism of regulation of computer chair: it has to be simple and easy in use. The ergonomic form of back has not smaller value. Chairs with the roller under lumbar bend which can be executed in the form of thickening of upholstery are especially convenient or it is created by framework form.

6. Pay attention to spring mechanism, depends on it as long the chair will look as new. The low-quality spring mechanism pretty fast will have an effect: on chair traces of "drawdown" will appear.

7. There is more: choose chairs which working surface is upholstered with safe material. As a rule, for these purposes genuine leather or the dense, but breathing furniture fabric which keeps comfort at any humidity and indoor temperature is used. The back and lower part of chair can be trimmed by leatherette or plastic.

8. It is also possible to refer to important criteria for selection of this kind of home decoration height of chair and its back, their sizes, tilt angle and also style of registration.

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