How to choose charm for kitchen

How to choose charm for kitchen

The kitchen is considered the major room in the house. Exactly here positive energy is born and extends on other rooms. Therefore the kitchen needs to be protected from the negative and the evil arriving from the outside. For this purpose charms for kitchen which need to be placed on corners where bad energy most often concentrates serve. Normal kitchen accessories, products and fresh flowers can serve as charms.

It is required to you

  • - aloe
  • - mortar
  • - pestle
  • - onions
  • - garlic
  • - pepper
  • - broom
  • - mitten
  • - tack


1. The aloe not only has curative properties, but also has protective force. This plant reliably preserves against penetration into the house of negative energy, promotes strengthening of health of family members and preservation of cordial relations. Therefore it is useful to hold pot with aloe on kitchen windowsill. It is also good to apply on aloe juice drops on door or door opening in kitchen, on windowsill, the fridge or I spin that food was always in prosperity and it was tasty and useful.

2. The mortar and pestle were always considered as the most powerful charms. The mortar represents feminine, pestle men's. Together they give to the house harmony, warm relationship, understanding. The mortar and pestle are more often are used in kitchen, the stronger they protect housing from negative energy attract wellbeing, prosperity and health.

3. Onions, garlic and pepper always served as excellent defenders of home from evil forces. To make charm, take several bulbs, heads of garlic and red pepper, to connect them together and to hang up in kitchen. It is possible to use any of these components separately.

4. The broom is one of the oldest mascots. He is capable to attract wealth, to protect the dwelling from evil energy, envy and slanders. If to hang up broom whisk up it to wealth, and down for protection against negative from the outside.

5. The kitchen mitten or tack not only will save your hands from burn, but also will call heat, cosiness and prosperity to your house. It is the best of all to choose tack on which the brownie or the hostess is represented, they are designed to protect the dwelling, to create the cordial family relations and cosiness in the house. Most often such charm fastens near plate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team