How to choose classical furniture

Classics always was and will be fashionable, to choose it it is considered good taste. It concerns both clothes, and footwear, and, of course, design decisions in interior. Despite emergence all of new trends in finishing of rooms, the classic style remains all also very demanded. But that the interior corresponded to desirable style, it is very important to pick up furniture correctly.


1. Classical furniture differs from furniture of other styles in severity of lines, comfortableness, harmonious combination to other elements of design and, of course, durability. It is considered that such furniture is preferred by people who have conservative views on life and the steady vital principles.

2. The main difference of classical furniture is that it has to be surely made of natural and quality materials. It can be the massif of oak, nut, cherry or the massif of birch. Often such furniture is made also of mahogany. Designs of furniture have to be rectilinear. Decorate such products the incrustation, thread and various decorative elements, as a rule, made of bronze. In cabinets the inserts from glass framed with bronze can be used. It should be noted that classical furniture of massivn, but at the same time is very graceful.

3. The tables made in classic style can be different form: round, oval and rectangular, but surely made of natural wood. Legs of tables often do twisted though they can be also straight lines.

4. Curved and smooth forms are characteristic of the bed made in classic style, and legs can be various bizzare shape. Also in such bed the headboard which is often upholstered with natural fabric or skin cannot but draw attention.

5. Sofas and chairs will be suitable for upholstered furniture in classic style. Their form has to be simple, and as armrests use rollers. Today the chairs made in classic style which are very convenient enjoy wide popularity. Apply only quality and expensive materials to upholstery of the furniture made in classic style. For example, genuine leather, tapestries, real fur. Colors, as a rule, use noble and quiet as the bright and shouting colors for classics are not acceptable. Well shades of brown, gray and beige tones will approach.

6. To issue interior in classic style, it is necessary to pay attention to each part. For example, the made semi-antique floor lamps, lamps or vases will emphasize classic style of interior. Multilevel crystal chandeliers and pictures which frames gilded will be also characteristic.

7. It is possible to call classical furniture universal, it will well look both in the living room, and in kitchen and also in the nursery and in the bedroom. Therefore buying classical furniture - you make the faultless choice, the interior with classical furniture will never bother, and will bring only comfort and positive emotions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team