How to choose cloth for the fret saw

How to choose cloth for the fret saw

The first that needs to be known when choosing file for the fret saw is their classification. The difference is that each type of the tool intends for processing of certain material.

Will recognize them on coloring of shafts where the main marking with digits and letters is put. Gray color corresponds to work with tree, and blue - with metal goods. The shaft painted in red color is used for cutting of polymers and other similar materials. Besides, files not only differ with paint among themselves, but also the tooth size. If attentively to look, then their size will prompt about cloth opportunities at once. The tooth is less, the material which they will be able to saw will be more dense and stronger.

Most often files for the fret saw are applied to cutting of boards from wood. It is not especially strong material and here practically any standard file will approach. However it is the best of all to use the cloth intended for wooden products. This option will provide not only the high speed, but also ease in work. Besides it should be taken into account that for fast and high-quality cutting of wood there are two types of tools. One of them is intended for sawing across boards, and another along wood fibers. In the first case the cloth with straight tooth, and in the second with slanting is applied.

In this situation the cloth with large tooth is usually used. But here it is worth noticing that they leave behind rough saw cut with set of defects. Therefore such files apply to the accelerated construction where exclusive exterior of processing is not required. For example: bricklayer's scaffold, temporary fences, summer canopies and other similar constructions. The cloth tooth configuration strongly influences tool opportunities. The more small teeths are present at file, the quality of cut is higher. If it is a little teeths also they besides big, then this cut will occur very quickly, but will look very inaccurately.

Correctly to choose files for work with strong materials, it is necessary to understand some rules – cloths have to correspond to their assignment. The products are stronger, the less there has to be tooth at the cutting tool. For the strongest metal objects the best option the file for the fret saw intended will begin to cut steel. Besides it perfectly will be suitable not only for color alloys, but also softer – textolite and ebonite. Such file has set of small teeth and blue color of shaft. In conclusion it should be added that there are universal cloths with marking of T234X, T123X. They can be applied freely as to metal cut, but also less strong – tree with plastic.

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