How to choose color for complete kitchen

How to choose color for complete kitchen

When repair in kitchen is already made and it was necessary to choose only furniture set, the most difficult is to decide what shade will be the most suitable. Perception of kitchen interior in general will depend on color palette of furniture.


1. Choosing color of set, consider the general style of registration and level of illumination of kitchen. If natural lighting is enough, it is recommended to use dark colors of furniture, and otherwise the light headsets which are in addition equipped with the built-in illumination will well look.

2. If your kitchen is executed in classic style, pay attention to the furniture made of tree. Natural natural shades will be well in harmony with the general interior. And also such coloring should be chosen at registration of kitchen in country style. For rooms in modernist style and hi-tech the most optimal variants will be white headsets which will give to ease, lightness and will smooth things over.

3. Be guided by some design rules applied to any interior. For example, to dark shade of walls it is necessary to choose lighter color scheme of furniture and vice versa. For the small-sized room use light shades, they will help to increase space visually. Besides, for small kitchens you should not choose the bright and shouting colors as they will have negative impact on sight. To make the big room cozier, give preference to warm colors.

4. In rooms of the average size with good lighting use such shades yellow as solar gloss and red copper. If you love red color, it is the most preferable to choose the most soft and its quiet shades, for example, coral, cherry or tomato. Violet color has the good calming effect, and warm shades of green are capable to lighten the mood and to improve appetite. Blue tone best of all look in solar rooms. Headsets of color mahogany look very refined and are well combined with metal and glass sections. Black color is used extremely seldom and will look very gloomy if not to "dilute" it with other shades.

5. To create more advantageous and attractive interior, select the headsets executed in several flowers. The most successful combination of white color will be with peach and blue shades. Combine violet colors with olive and ochry. Green and yellow color will create the atmosphere of cheerfulness in kitchen, and pistachio with beige will look it very fresh.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team