How to choose color of ceiling

How to choose color of ceiling

Increasing number of people give preference to stretch ceilings recently. This choice is justified: such ceilings are practical, modern and simply beautiful. But at decision-making in favor of stretch ceiling inevitably there is problem of the choice of color. There are several receptions, following which this problem can be solved easily.


1. Warm colors. Red, orange, brown, yellow and their numerous shades create illusion of "low" ceiling. That is it seems below, than is actually. But it turns out only if the ceiling of warm flowers is made in opaque execution. The glossy option of stretch ceilings of the same flowers will visually seem above. Experts do not advise to apply orange color of ceiling in small rooms, and red – in the bedroom and in the nursery. Until recently was considered that red color is not suitable for studies and kitchens because it tires and irritates. Today experts have disproved this opinion and on the contrary, recommend to do red ceilings in these rooms, explaining the recommendations with results of researches of scientists who have found out that red color promotes more active work of brain, lightens the mood and provides good results in work.

2. Cool colors. White, blue, green stretch ceilings (and ceilings in which their uncountable shades are used) visually increase the room, create visibility of height and scope. Blue and green colors are relevant to the bathroom. And here for bedrooms, studies and some other rooms green color, designers warn, it is necessary to use very carefully because he throws greenish shade on everything that is in the room including on the faces of the people who are in it. In the recreation room and in the bedroom the stretch ceiling of deep blue, violet or lilac color since contemplation of these paints helps to relax will be appropriate.

3. Mix of flowers. Multi-colored stretch ceilings are appropriate in nurseries, living rooms, in kitchen. The drawing can be thought up, but it is better to ask for the help professional artists or designers.

4. Pattern, drawing. The "Star sky" loved by many, "Clouds", "Globe", "Flowers", etc. – to have all this on ceiling has become possible with emergence in the domestic market of stretch ceilings. It is reasonable to discuss use of any given flowers in the cloth which is picture, the photo, ornament or the drawing with the expert in advance. Usually in the companies which are engaged in installation of stretch ceilings there are available catalogs where without effort it is possible to find that it is necessary to you. Use it or share the ideas and ideas with the artist or the designer (you can even provide them the picture or sketch). Will develop special sketches for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team