How to choose color palette for interior

How to choose color palette for interior

It is worth choosing color gamma for the room, considering the room sizes, and own preferences have to count then. It is necessary to take in attention and assignment of certain room.

The choice of color palette for each room is not only following to personal preferences, but also accounting of features of the room. At the same time it is important to distribute so shades indoors that rest in the bedroom was effective, meal in kitchen – pleasant, and rest in the living room – sincere.

How to choose shades for the bedroom

If you work on mental work much, then after day of work it is important to remove stress, for this purpose green color which can be embodied in set of shades saturated and emerald, olive and lime perfectly will approach.

Those to whom the rhythm of life allows to be owl, but not lark should prefer shades yellow for the bedroom. It will help to waken with joyful mood. The floor covering in this case can be chosen shade of old gold, curtains can have corn shade, and wall-paper can accept mustard shade. Owners who work tensely and hard should prefer shades blue in the bedroom. So, floor can have shade of sea wave, wall-paper can be sewed with use of fabric of shade Niagara, and wall-paper can be preferred pale cornflower-blue shade.

How to choose palette for kitchen

When choosing flowers of finishing and pieces of furniture for kitchen it is necessary to be especially careful as the shouting shades not only will make meal discomfortable, but also will be capable to create the pressing aura in interior of the small room. It is necessary to avoid also excessively dark colors as it will visually reduce kitchen. And here for dimensional kitchens the dark shades though can be used, but with the maximum care, for example, it is exclusive in set elements whereas floor, the ceiling and walls have to be "dressed" in this case in quiet tone. Shades blue and green perfectly will begin to look indoors. However walls and other surfaces when using green set have to be executed in quiet tones that pieces of furniture did not merge in the general ensemble. It is possible to combine table-tops under tree with home decoration of green color, it will begin to remind style eco. Peach shades in elements of set and kitchen apron can be added with the facades executed in color by wenge. It is more preferable not to overload other surfaces of the room in flowers, having issued them in light or almost white tones. If you prefer violet color, then it can be combined with white, embodied in glossy facades, and the apron can have gentle flower motives.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team