How to choose crushed stone for the base

Crushed stone – one of the most widespread construction materials which is applied in construction of buildings of any type. The main raw materials for production of crushed stone is shredded rocks – granite, basalt, limestone, dolomite and others.

In construction use of gravel, granite and calcareous crushed stone is preferable. When choosing this material it is necessary to be guided by its such parameters as the size, resistance to different temperature conditions, leshchadnost and radioactivity.

Types of crushed stone

The strongest crushed stone – granite. On it builders stop the choice at construction of objects of the big size if the question of economy of means is not priority. Granite crushed stone is extracted from strong and heavy-duty breed – magma that influences its cost. This type of crushed stone, though is optimum for construction, however to save on acquisition of this material hardly it will turn out.

Gravel crushed stone has become widespread thanks to rather low cost and excellent characteristics. This material is not so strong as granite crushed stone, however quite is suitable for construction of owner-occupied dwelling, irrespective of the sizes and the number of floors. In granite crushed stone if to compare it to other types of fillers, the low-radiation level. For many this factor is priority, especially in view of constantly worsening environmental setting. Calcareous crushed stone - not less widespread material which is used not only at construction of buildings, but also for production of reinforced concrete constructions. Calcareous crushed stone is used as well for construction of motor-roads.


One of the most important parameters defining quality of crushed stone is its leshchadnost. The leshchadnost is higher, the it is more in the lump of crushed stone of grains (stones) of the correct cubical form. If there is task to build qualitative and rather inexpensive base, then it is necessary to stir cubical grains of crushed stone as they are better rammed with concrete. Professional builders for determination of the size of filling brick use the term "fraction". So, the most suitable filling material for construction of the base of owner-occupied dwelling is the crushed stone having fraction – from 20 to 40 millimeters. The indicator of frost resistance of crushed stone is not less important. Optimal variant for construction is crushed stone with the index of frost resistance F300. Digit 300 in this context designates quantity of cycles frosts defrosting which material is capable to sustain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team