How to choose curtains for windows

How to choose curtains for windows

Curtains are important element of any interior. When choosing curtains it is important to pay attention to several parts: material, color, ornament, style and additional accessories.


1. Curtains can be made of various fabrics: natural, synthetic, semi-synthetic. Material selection usually depends on function and design of the room. Among natural fabrics for production of curtains flax is most often used. It quite dense and well protects from bright sunshine. Such curtains well will be suitable for the bedroom and the nursery, it is also convenient to use them in living rooms and dining rooms. And here this material will not be suitable for kitchen – it absorbs smells, and it is difficult to look after it. To this room it is better to hang up curtains from viscose or polyester.

2. Choosing color of curtains, it is necessary to pay attention to the size of the room, window, illumination degree and also the general design. For small rooms it is better to use light curtains from light fabrics. In spacious rooms with large windows it is possible to hang up heavy curtains in floor of dark or bright colors, depending on style of interior.

3. The ornament also has to correspond to interior. For example, for style of country usually use curtains in floret or peas. For Baroque style it is possible to choose curtains with difficult classical ornament in wave mode, "cucumbers", etc. For some rooms it is better to take monophonic curtains.

4. The ornament of portieres can also visually change the room. Vertical lines can visually increase height of ceilings, horizontal – to expand wall and window.

5. Not only color, ornament and material of curtains, but also their invoice depends on style of the room. For nurseries, bedrooms and kitchens which are often carried out in such styles as minimalism, urbanistic style, hi-tech, country, etc. it is better to choose simple direct smooth curtains. For living rooms or other rooms in classic style or baroque it is better to use curtains with embroidery, lace and brushes.

6. For some rooms it is possible to get to curtains and additional accessories: lambrequin and garters with brushes. Naturally, such portieres have to be from heavy natural fabrics, otherwise they will inharmoniously look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team