How to choose desk lamp with the lamp shade

How to choose desk lamp with the lamp shade

In shops where goods for lighting are provided, it is possible to see set of various desk lamps. Despite variety, they are subdivided into only two views: decorative and working. Choosing desk lamp with the lamp shade, it is necessary to solve: whether it will be used for work or will become one of interior jewelry.

Choice of decorative lamp

When choosing decorative lamp the technical characteristics have no basic value. In this case it is more important, how harmoniously it will look in room interior.

The size of decorative lamp has to correspond to furniture parameters. It should not look huge or, on the contrary, too tiny against the background of other pieces of furniture. If the decorative desk lamp is not used for the functional purpose, then it can be issued in the style corresponding to interior and to have any interesting design. Therefore decorative lamps are quite often distinguished by very fancy shape and various colors of the lamp shade.

When choosing working desk lamp with the lamp shade preference is given not to original design, but technical characteristics. Though the practical and functional desk lamp can also have attractive design.

The choice of desk lamp for work

Choosing lamp for work, it is necessary to consider, it will be how good to light it workplace. According to ophthalmologists, that desk lamp from which not direct, but diffused light proceeds will be safer for sight. It is for this purpose better to get lamp with the lamp shade of conic or spherical shape. Not direct beams, and reflected from internal part of the lamp shade will prevail then. Color of the lamp shade has to be not really bright. Best of all here green will approach. It is also important to pay attention to material of which the lamp shade is manufactured. Plastic can melt from proximity of hot bulb, and metal is very quickly heated. The glass lamp shade will be ideal option. The working desk lamp has to be located entirely on table, at the same time without preventing work. Length of cord has to be such that it could be held on to the socket freely. The desk lamp has to light workplace completely.

The choice of lamp for the child

The choice of desk lamp for the child of school age is very responsible. The lamp with the lamp shade in the form of volume prism can become the best option here. It is important that the bulb did not go over the edge of the lamp shade and has not stuck together the child's eye. And it is again better to choose lamp with the green lamp shade as it has the most favorable impact on sight. It is not necessary to get for the school student lamp with the lamp shade of too bright color. It will tire eyes and to distract the child from work. Certainly, when choosing desk lamp also its price matters. It is good if there is opportunity to buy expensive lamp with big set of functions. Then it will be distinguished by high quality and long life cycle. At the same time, cheaper lamp can always be replaced with another if the old lamp bothers or it will be not really convenient. Successfully chosen desk lamp with the lamp shade will always help with work, creation of cosiness and decoration of interior.

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