How to choose door handles

How to choose door handles

The door handle is not only significant element of interior, but also subject, important in terms of functioning. Material selection and complete sets of door handles depends on their assignment and rate of exploitation.

It is required to you

  • - range of door handles;
  • - technical characteristics of handles.


1. Before purchase of the door handle define on what door (interroom or entrance) it will be established. If you buy the handle only on one door, then it has to be on color and configurations is similar to already available handles. It will allow to avoid disharmony in interior.

2. Door handles depending on availability of certain elements are subdivided into handles with latches, with fixers, with the built-in locks. There are models the combining several elements. For toilets and bathrooms buy handles with fixer that it was possible to close door from within. You can choose the handle with the lock for doors to the storeroom, wardrobe and other views of rooms where you want to limit access. And on the simple interroom door which is not performing additional functions install the normal handle without any mechanisms.

3. Having chosen handle complete set, pay attention to material from which it is executed. The strongest door handles are manufactured of brass. They are not afraid of either frost, or humidity, or temperature drop and perfectly are suitable for outer doors. Such door accessories therefore on interroom doors it is unprofitable to establish it cost rather much. However if at the room high passability, install better there brass handle since it the strongest, wearproof and will not break from increased loads.

4. Following in the rating of durability there are handles from alloy of zinc, aluminum and copper. It is optimal variant for interroom doors. If to speak about handles without additional mechanisms, then in this class the strongest are copies from natural wood.

5. Often high-quality door handle should be changed because from it paint has just got down. To avoid similar troubles, learn from the seller what covering is applied on the handle which was pleasant to you. Give preference to electroplated coating and chromium plating. Door handles with such coverings for a long time will keep the color and gloss.

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