How to choose door locks

How to choose door locks

Whatever good the door cloth was, functions of door in many respects depend on qualitative accessories. Door hinges are responsible for stability, ease and silence at operation, and door locks provide reliable protection against penetration.


1. Now in the market there are a lot of different types of door locks. First of all it is necessary to choose the lock which well will approach your type to door. Also it is necessary to pay attention to reliability level. Any door lock has to differ in simplicity in operation and have nice view which will approach to the doors and interior of the dwelling.

2. As latching mechanism the door locks are divided into suvalny, cylinder and smartlok. The first type is considered the most reliable. Can master its simple design even of people who does not understand anything in mechanics at all. Locking part of the lock is the suvalda. It makes fixing of door in closed position. The more in the lock of these parts, the more impregnable it for master keys and breaking. Complete with such lock there is massive key which has small beard with cuts of various depth. The door lock can have considerable width. This fact can create problems at installation. However it is the only lack of the device of this type.

3. In the cylinder lock there is built-in cylindricity core. In larva - around six suvald. They do the lock resistant to selection of master keys. However mechanical stability will require additional hardening. For this purpose it is possible to use steel sheets. Them fix from outer end of door. From reverse side it is possible to establish special pads. The core of the lock is most often made of strong metal and alloy.

4. Smartloki treat to absolutely other group of door locks. For such lock the key is not used. Instead of it the indefikation is made on fingerprint, scanning of retina or set of the code. The digital door lock works by the principle of the intercom. There is digital panel by means of which the password is entered. On case if cut off electricity, the accumulator which will help to work independently till 48 o'clock is provided.

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