How to choose door mat

How to choose door mat

The rug at outer door not only protects the house from street dirt and garbage, but also is indicator of practicality and cleanliness of the hostess of the house. Durability, gigiyenichnost and functionality of this subject substantially reduces pollution of internal rooms and facilitates their regular cleaning.

External door mat

To reduce to minimum hit to the apartment of snow, the earth, sand or any other types of pollution, it is necessary to have two rugs – from external and inside of door. External protection has to be chosen first of all proceeding from durability indicators as on external door mat higher physical activity will be made. Besides, it has to be rather big to remove as much as possible dirt from footwear.

Plastic or rubber will be the best material of production in this case, it is desirable with rather dense pile which will carefully clean footwear before entrance to the house. Such shchetinisty carpet will well get into sole reliefs, and easily washing material will not create problems with maintenance it in purity.

The modular cellular covering before door is called still "the system of passive cleaning". This product from polyvinylchloride or metal has appearance of grid in which openings can be the different size. Small legs allow design to rise over surface, and pollution from footwear easily get through cells, without lingering on rug. It is necessary only to raise rug for removal of the accumulated dirt from time to time.

Internal door mat

For the hall on sale there is good selection of the door mats made of various materials. It can be nap or wattled products on basis from polyvinylchloride, rubber or latex. Best of all carpets with long and rigid pile delay pollution, besides they are more durable in operation. The dlinnovorsovy option in the presence in the house of such floor coverings as laminate or parquet board which have property to get scratches at contact with the particles of dirt and sand which have got between floor and soles of footwear is especially useful. There are door mats made of natural materials. You should not get product from natural wool - it very much absorbs dirt, is difficult washed and long does not dry. The carpet from coir fiber which is not subject to effect of moisture and is easy in leaving will be the best option. It is necessary to choose soft coloring on which dirt will be less noticeable. It is better if the door mat is motley, combining dark and nonspottable tone. It is necessary to trace that its lower part was not slippery and densely adjoined to floor that at wipe of legs there were no injury-causing situations.

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