How to choose electrofireplace

How to choose electrofireplace

There are cases, when there is no opportunity to establish fireplace in the apartment. For the solution of this problem there are electrofireplaces. The only difference is that instead of fire electricity is used. This device has mobile picture which represents fire and allows to provide the real flame.


1. Certainly, it is more pleasant to establish real – wood or coal fireplace, however installation and care for it in city conditions can create many problems. For punching of flue it is necessary to have many corresponding permissions. Consider, construction jobs will cost very much also. The problem can rise also with storage of firewood, coal or briquettes in the apartment.

2. The electric fireplace will not create any troubles. It is only enough to bring of it in the apartment and to include in network. Besides, the electrofireplace does not publish noise during the work. Heat from it will be distributed evenly from top to bottom. The flame of electrofireplace can take the unique forms, thereby creating realistic effect. All these qualities allow to speak about indispensability of electrofireplace both in the city apartment, and at the dacha or in country house.

3. At the moment electrofireplaces divide into four main types. Models which are revetted with the decorative portal similar to the portal of ancient wood fireplace enjoy wide popularity. They are established closely to wall. Also there are chimney furnaces which need to be put separately from wall. Sometimes people use chimney baskets and small room electrofireplaces most of which often build in walls.

4. Wall electrofireplaces have built-in soundtrack. Thus, you can insert into it flash card and enjoy favourite music. It is also possible to write down sounds of crackling of firewood. In all models of electrofireplaces there is zolnikovy camera, decorative imitation of chimney grid, artificial firewood or coal, decorative, moving "flame".

5. Fireplaces of different producers can differ not only in exterior, but also the nature of imitation of live flame. Artificial firewood usually does of plastic. The coloring and toning is carried out manually. On sale there are electrofireplaces which differ in "firewood", different in extent of combustion. Those which can create illusion of gradually lighting up firewood which is thinning and the cooling-down coals are considered as the most successful devices.

6. When choosing such device first of all it is worth paying attention to prices and exterior of the portal. Surely find out of what material the portal was made. Often there are cases when marble or carved wood actually are the stamped plastic only painted. Certainly, this product has to be much cheaper.

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