How to choose fence

How to choose fence

Very few people will decide to live in owner-occupied dwelling or cottage without fence. Need of fence is indisputable, it will protect you from penetration of robbers and thieves, from inquisitive glances, from animals, will give to the site the finished and solid look. To choose fence, be guided by the requirements, taste and financial opportunities.

It is required to you

  • - to formulate the requirements to protection;
  • - to carefully think over landscaping;
  • - to weigh the financial opportunities.


1. If you need protection for the small site on which it is important to grow up healthy rich harvest, choose fence from grid chain-link, it will not interfere with penetration of sunshine on the site, is very simple in installation, does not demand painting. Perhaps, it will not strike with design delicacy, but is very cheap.

2. To protect the house with inexpensive, but reliable protection, choose fence from professional flooring or sheet metal plate. He does not demand leaving and is issued various sizes and flowers. At the same time decide on what bases will hold it, metal, brick or concrete poles are most widespread.

3. If you have wooden house and a lot of vegetation, put up wooden fence on the site, it will successfully supplement style of landscape. Consider that such fence needs to be processed special means against rotting and parasites at least once a year. Pick up optimal variant of registration of fence: from curious eyes of board can be located with an overlap, closing the slightest slots, and with the decorative purposes it is possible to arrange openwork ligature from plates of different width and the invoice. Use different colors when painting fence to refresh and decorate view of your country site.

4. For reliable and durable protection use brick fence for protection of the house. Pick up the optimum height of fence, laying it is possible practically to any desirable level. Consider that such fence requires monolithic concrete bed, and in general its construction takes a lot of time. But the brick fence very well fits into design of any site, and it will serve you not one decade.

5. If you need solidity and respectability, try to pick up stone fence. Depending on other elements of landscaping, choose material for it, for example, shell rock, sandstone, you can make facing sawn stone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team