How to choose flat metal door

How to choose flat metal door

For many purchase of outer door manages in the large sum, and the unsuccessful choice is for nothing the spent money. Not to everyone on pocket often to change doors therefore correctly to choose outer door which will reliably protect your house from any troubles it is necessary to know the following number of characteristics.


1. Door design. This factor is primary when choosing outer door. It is necessary to pay attention to thickness of steel plates and their quantity. At least, the door has to have 2 leaves and steel 1.5 mm thick. Otherwise any teenager, having picked up scrap, will be able to unbend plates. But steel sheets alone will not make door more reliable therefore they have to be attached to vertical or horizontal stiffening fins. The more edges, the door will be more qualitative and more reliable.

2. Loops. Door hinges can be two types: external and hidden. Advantage hidden by loop is that they cannot be cut. If you have chosen external loops, make sure that they have antiremovable pins. Even if loops will cut, your door will remain unapproachable.

3. Lock. The optimum number of locks – two. If you want to establish the most reliable protection, it is necessary to choose door in which there are night latches locked from within. Also important that locks were different systems - it considerably will increase reliability. For convenience you can buy locks with possibility of code conversion. By means of special key you can recode the lock, and the lost keys will not be able to open your door.

4. Peephole. It is necessary to pick up peephole which will provide the maximum overview – it many times will increase your safety.

5. Warm and sound insulation. The outer door has to not only ensure safety, but also keep cosiness and warmly at home. Between steel plates surely there has to be quality sealant – it will make your door warm and soundproof. Also on each side doors have to be established special magnetic sealants, they will make closing of door dense and soft.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team