How to choose flowers for street flowerpots

How to choose flowers for street flowerpots

In dullness and noise of the modern cities there is a strong wish to please eye with greens and the blossoming plants. Therefore every year street and balcony floriculture gains popularity more and more. The main problem - selection of colors for gardening, but if competently to approach it, then results will be amazing.

Factors which need to be considered when choosing plants

During the planning and the organization of street gardening to pick up the correct plants, it is necessary to consider first of all lighting, the number of the place for stalks and root system, wind availability (some plant varieties badly transfer drafts). If you have chosen the solar place, then it is better to give preference to such plants as agave, palm trees, succulents and, of course, all species of cacti.

In the shaded and cool places, green plants, in particular ivies, ferns, decorative grapes, sansilveriya will better feel. If you have chosen plant varieties in advance, being guided by the flavoring preferences, then it is necessary to think over how to place them most comfortably.

It is also necessary to understand what frequency of watering you are capable to provide to the plants. In life there are different situations, and to pain it will be offensive if in the missed day of watering all beauty is gone. Therefore if you are not sure that you will be able to pay every day attention to flower bed, it is better to choose drought-resistant plants, that is such which can endure a little dry soil.

The most popular street plants

The most popular street flowers - petunias, they are quite unpretentious in leaving and are very beautiful and various. Petunias photophilous and thermophilic, so, can sustain direct sunshine. Besides they are hardy, drought-resistant, but, as well as any flowers, do not love overdrying of the soil. At modulation do not decay, the main thing not to allow water stagnation. Petunias are ideal for solar and hot summer, but during wet, cold weather, can cease to blossom. Various grades of geraniums are not less demanded. These flowers not just can transfer direct sunshine, and even have them need, are not ill from dry air, very easily breed by cherenkovaniye. Flowers of geranium fascinate not only the bright colors, and and intricate forms. At the minimum attention of geranium will blossom to the first frosts. Still it is worth mentioning unsurpassed flowers of fuchsia which just fascinate by the magnificence and variety of color combinations. The fuchsia is not so unpretentious as geranium or petunia, but it is worth looking after such beauty. The main thing is to remember that this plant does not love direct sunshine, especially at noon. It is necessary to water fuchsia regularly, but it is careful that the soil in pot has not been too moistened.

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