How to choose free-standing dish washer

How to choose free-standing dish washer

The dish washer is great benefit of civilization. Under this statement most of women who are forced to devote every day time lot to such thankless job as washing of ware will be signed. Purchase of dish washer - great way to receive extra free time and to devote it to more interesting affairs. Besides the machine for washing of ware allows to lower water flow significantly. We are interested in option of separate installation of dish washer. To what highlights it is necessary to pay attention when examining dish washer of this kind?


1. The size Dish washers of free-standing type are full-size, the second option - narrow, and the third option - compact. When choosing the size of the machine it is necessary to be guided by quantity of ware which will need to be washed also with availability of free space in kitchen. Full-size dish washers allow to load at the same time large number of ware. Such machines capacious and convenient, are ideal for big family and fans to organize parties. But demand availability of sufficient free space in kitchen. Width of full-size dish washers usually about 60 cm, height is within 80 - 87 cm. Narrow the machine is considered if its width is 40 - 45 cm, height usually of 80 cm. The narrow dish washer will be the reliable assistant in efforts on economy and will not occupy a lot of space in kitchen. Such machine approaches in case the problem of lack of space comes to the forefront. Also narrow dish washer will approach if it is necessary to wash not really large volumes of the dishes. The machine, smaller by the sizes, differs in smaller consumption of water, cleaning agents and electricity. Time of washing of ware is less, than at full-size machines. The compact dish washer has the sizes comparable with Microwave oven sizes, can be placed on table or in cabinet. Such baby washes 4-5 sets of the dishes for one operating cycle.

2. The design Colour and design of the machine for washing of ware plays not less important role, than its size. As the machine will be installed separately, but not to be built in already existing furniture, it has to supplement interior of kitchen organically.

3. The Bulk of Dish Washers functions it is supplied with several modes of washing and the system of drying, has management, simple and clear for the ordinary person. All this allows the machine to render the real help to the hostess in kitchen. The quantity of the modes of washing can fluctuate in the range from 3 to 24 at different machines. Full-size free-standing machines have the maximum quantity of the modes of washing. Whereas compact desktop machines have only 3-4 modes of washing. The necessary mode of washing is defined depending on extent of pollution of ware. In dish washers the systems of drying of two types are used: convection (drying by hot air) and condensation (drying by hot water). Condensation drying is less energy-intensive, but takes less time. Some models of dish washers are supplied with additional functions. For example, it can be the system of sterilization of ware ultra-violet radiation. Also such useful function as possibility of incomplete loading of the machine meets, this function gives the chance to save the electric power and water. Washing process delay - too convenient function which has supplied some models of machines. In expensive prestigious models of machines sometimes there is function of illumination of cabin of the machine that very much facilitates process of loading of the machine.

4. KlassyPosudomoechnyy machines on quality are divided into three classes - And, In and S. Klass of the machine is defined by classes of washing, drying and energy consumption. Class A is the best, luxury. Class A machine best of all washes, dries ware, and consumes least of all electric power. Machines of class B and, especially, class C are gradually laid off.

5. Ways of connection to water. All machines are divided into three types on way of connection to water: 1. Connection only to cold vode2. Connection only to hot vode3. Connection both to cold, and to hot water. The first type - connection only to cold water - is considered the most preferable as cold water is purer. Many people choose this option in spite of the fact that it means additional costs of the electric power of water heating. Connection only to hot water makes use of the machine impossible in case to cut off hot water, but allows to save the electric power on heating.

6. We have considered main types of dish washers of free-standing type. Each person can choose that model which to him is the most suitable. Acquisition of dish washer is capable to facilitate significantly life both housewives, and the working person.

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