How to choose furniture on kitchen and not to regret

How to choose furniture on kitchen and not to regret

Many families at least once in life faces the choice of kitchen furniture. This very responsible action as demands decent financial expenditure. Making purchase, it is necessary to hold number of important nuances in the head.

What to pay attention when choosing kitchen furniture to

Kitchen one of the most important rooms in the house. In kitchen any family carries out the most part of life. And if to speak about women, then it is possible to tell that practically all life. How to choose kitchen furniture so that it not only was pleasing to the eye, but also was practical in use?

The choice of the size of kitchen furniture without doubts depends on the size of the room in which it will be established, and here its external and interior - on the one who chooses it. It is the best of all to do furniture to order. In this case it will be individual (made strictly according to drawings of the customer) and will ideally be placed in kitchen. In shop it is possible to buy furniture too, but something that not really is pleasant will be obligatory in it.

At production of furniture to order cabinets can be made any size. It is the best of all not to do hinged cabinets of standard dimension. Order them 15-20 centimeters more long. Thanks to it the additional shelf will appear. On it it is possible it is possible to place things which are seldom used in use. It is the best of all to leave the lower cabinets standard dimension.

Now we pass to color gamma. Many consider that kitchen furniture of dark shades is most practical. This big delusion. Furniture of light shades is actually most practical. It is much simpler to wash such furniture and on it dirty spots are almost not visible. It is possible to notice dirt only if to approach furniture very close and to look narrowly. On dark furniture, on the contrary, it is very well visible even the dried water droplets. 

Choosing facade of furniture try that on them there were as little as possible carved patterns and open shelves. As in the future it will be the dirtiest places. Also you should not order many lockers with glass doors. They will need to be rubbed constantly to gloss. You ask furniture masters to install closers on all doors and boxes. It is very convenient and protects furniture from constant clap doors. Closers on boxes expensive. Vsluchaye if in finance restrictions are available, then it is necessary to install the closer at least on those boxes which are most often used. For example, box with spoons and forks.

Now we will talk about film which fit facades (if of course furniture of more economical option). In spite of the fact that the attention of many is drawn by furniture with glossy facades - it is not the best option not only for kitchen, but also in general for any furniture. Glossy film is soiled like mirror. On it constantly there will be stains and fingerprints. If there is a wish to go constantly with rag and to rub furniture, then it is the necessary option.

The choice of furniture - not it simple business. Not ukazhdy there is opportunity to change it every year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team