How to choose gazebo for giving

What serves as decoration of any garden site? What will cover from rain and will protect from the sun? Where it is possible to have a rest after garden works, to drink to tea or to eat shish kebabs? Correctly, it is garden gazebo.

Types of gazebos

They are square, rectangular, one - or twin, tent, round or in the form of polygon and also dome-shaped, having circle in the basis, exist to 5, 6, 8-skatny which have in the basis the corresponding polyhedron.

Choice of gazebo

The thorough stone gazebo will be suitable for big sites. With good concrete bed on the eminence. For the standard site in 6 hundred parts quite will be rather small, openwork metal or wooden gazebo. The gazebo can be made also folding. If in the winter you do not visit "Penates", she can be moved away from bad weather.

2 meters are considered the minimum basis for gazebo. Benches can be made on perimeter that will save you from chairs which it will be necessary to get and remove every time. If you are going not just to sit during rest in tenechka, but also to eat or drink tea, try to plan gazebo closer to the house.

You should not put the building on the hillock blown by all winds. But also the lowland too will hardly approach. In gazebo there should not be twilight from trees and the bright scorching heat. You will choose the place, designate it for descriptive reasons by pegs from tense bechevy. Observe day as shadows and sunlight will lay down as will blow into wind on your chosen site. It is worth thinking and where to arrange entrance. Frame of bushes of lilac or honeysuckle quite suitable for the vacation spot. On sunny side it is possible to plant climbers. On the others will be rather hanging cachepots with different, unpretentious plants.

It is a little about construction

Depending on view of the soil under gazebo it is necessary to choose the base. It can be continuous in the form of filling, column, brick or logs, tape, in the form of filling on perimeter. The base, as a rule, is made of stone, brick, logs, concrete. Anyway, it is desirable to bury the base on half-meter. Brick columns, logs, stones, put on corners and in the center of the building. Floor can be aspic from concrete. From above it is possible to put boards. The base can be laid out from stones, bricks, according to adding from gravel and sand, and fastened with solution. Do not forget about impregnation and waterproofing.

Columns for gazebo

Columns (racks support) can be brick if you have capital building and also wooden, it is better from strong types of wood. The oak, larch, pine will approach. Do not forget about impregnation! If it is easy, openwork, metal construction, columns can be from metal pipes of the necessary diameter. They are driven on corners, with deepening not less than on half-meter. Apertures between racks can be fully enclosed, panel board half, or openwork carved.

 Types of roofs for gazebo

Dome roofs as we already considered above, can be round and many-sided, depending on type of your gazebo. Ridge are gable roofs, also happen flat, to inclination in any party. By the way, on flat roofs it is possible to plant climbers, thus having turned roof into peculiar bed. Coverings for roofs are provided in wide assortment now. You will just choose suitable you on style and color gamma.

The gazebo can be made warmed in the form of small lodge. For this purpose it is necessary to sew up completely piers and to glaze window openings. On floor to put floorboard or linoleum. But it is connected with certain material and other inputs therefore the majority is preferred by open, easy, openwork gazebos.

Side, wall apertures of gazebo can be decorated with bamboo blinds or turned up, in roll, reed mats. It is good protection both against the sun and against wind, rain. The bamboo and reed are well decorated, they are easy and durable. It is simple to contract and unroll them from the party necessary to you.

If your gazebo reminds you of the Japanese style, emphasize it. Make nearby small rock-garden. Or decorate gazebo with small decorative trees in the Japanese style. It will be the original place for contemplation of the nature, and rest from daily efforts.

Gazebos serve as decoration of any garden, the site and give big scope for design thought. And decoration of the gazebo decorative elements will give the chance to prove female part of your family. You remember: gazebos often, draw even more attention, than the house. Correctly organize space about it. It can be beds, large boulders, carved wooden figures of trunks, it is even possible to make small, man-made streamlet, additional benches or swing. All in your hands. If near your gazebo the place for shish kebab or barbecue is equipped, it is necessary to consider the wind rose prevailing in your area. Remember that smoke from razzhenny fire can fill gazebo, having expelled your guests and members of household from there. In the center it is desirable to equip stationary table. He will not need to be taken out and collected constantly.

Generally, think over everything carefully, being conformed with your opportunities and abilities. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team