How to choose glass-ceramic plate

How to choose glass-ceramic plate

Now glass-ceramic plates enjoy wide popularity. Their main difference from electric stoves consists in the smooth mirror invoice of working surface. It is not necessary to look for on them rings. They just there are designated. In only a few seconds there is their heating.


1. Such plates have quite high cost. It can be explained with the fact that it by production is used tseran. The cooking panel is made of this material. It should be noted, material this very strong. However it is not necessary to experiment. Also consider that it cools down a little longer, than heats up. In couple of minutes after shutdown, it is possible to touch surface with hand already quietly.

2. At glass ceramics it is possible to mark out very many positive properties. Its main advantage is high heat conductivity. Thus, heat goes down that leads to fast warming up of pan. The glass ceramics has property to cool down quickly. On plain surface you can put ware of various diameters. The ring can change both the size, and form. Some rings have special automatic equipment of boiling and also the system of automatic decrease in heating. She needs "to explain" only once how it is necessary to reduce heating, and she will automatically do it next time.

3. In such plates there are ovens. They can be with illumination and the temperature indicator of ventilation. It is also possible to see plates with electrogrill, the system of catalytic cleaning and we designate. At electric stove. For this reason it begins to receive the increasing popularity.

4. Certainly, on new glass ceramics the new ware has to use. It has to have equal bottom. This factor influences uniform heating. Diameter of ring has to correspond to diameter of pans. Best of all the ware having opaque or dark bottom is suitable for glass-ceramic plate. It is not recommended to use pans with copper or aluminum bottom, there will be differently spots which are very heavy for removing.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team