How to choose good plate

How to choose good plate

In any kitchen the central element is the kitchen stove. Of course, the taste and smell of the prepared dishes depends on culinary abilities of the hostess, but not on plate, but that these household appliances are very important, there are no doubts. It is necessary to approach the choice of plate responsibly, and it is bought for long term.


1. If there was question of acquisition of new plate, it is necessary to be defined what to choose – gas or electric. All plates are also separated into the built-in and classical self-supporting.

2. Modern electric stoves are made two types: glass-ceramic and classical. The last cook food longer, but cost cheaper. Heating of ring, as well as for its cooling, requires certain time. Such plates, as a rule, are equipped with the timer and temperature regulator.

3. Glass-ceramic plates have bigger heat conductivity, and in the course of work temperature are easily regulated. On cooking speed these plates do not concede gas, but at the same time it is much safer. The glass ceramics has high heat-insulating properties – heat from ten is well passed up, at the same time it on surface does not extend, and the space around ring remains almost cold. Though it should be noted that such plates impose special requirements to ware. Its bottom has to have ideally smooth and plain surface.

4. It is much simpler to choose gas-fire. The famous producers complete gas-fires with compound grids supports which can be washed in dish washer, and it is much easier to clean plate. Make sure that it is equipped with the Gas Control system or has its analog that will protect from gas leak. With system gas control only rings or only oven, and maybe in common can be equipped. The last option is most preferable, certainly.

5. One of useful functions is the system of electroignition. Very convenient function is the timer. With its help work of one ring and oven is programmed. The electronic timer gives the chance of automatic switch-on or switching off of oven (or rings) in the set time.

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