How to choose good thermos

How to choose good thermos

The thermos, is even not ware, but the real device which allows to keep long the initial temperature of the liquid poured in it or foodstuff. As always, when there is wide choice, to make it of set of the offered options rather difficult.


1. Define for what purposes you need thermos. If you drink herbal teas, broths and infusions, then such thermos to you it is possible just to put in kitchen as ornament and the functional equipment. In this case you can choose thermos with the interesting design decision and glass flask which holds heat longer, than metal. Convenient for such purpose will be thermos of large volume with the crane and the doser to pour from it liquid without raising thermos. Upon purchase check that the stopper was closed densely.

2. In all other cases when the thermos is not used in stationary option, it is better to get metal when both the body, and flask are made of metal. Such thermos can be taken in the machine, to put in backpack or traveling bag, without worrying that it will break or will break.

3. For tea, coffee and other drinks choose thermos with narrow throat and the narrow extended form allowing it not to take a lot of place in backpack. To keep more hotly firm food, get special, food thermos in which several offices for different dishes are provided. It is better if it has screw stopper with the special valve for release of steam. Depending on body material – plastic or metal, time of preservation of temperature of products at it will be various. Consider it when choosing. As soup choose thermos with wide throat and flask from stainless steel.

4. To choose good thermos, pay special attention to stopper. From as far as it densely closes flask, in many respects depends thermoinsulating properties of thermos. For food and soup thermoses monolithic traffic jams are used, their minus is that to get contents, the stopper needs to be taken completely, and it is heat waste. But for food of other option it is not provided. For thermoses in which liquids are stored it is better to choose stopper with the valve, but density of its closing should be controlled. Upon purchase only consider that such thermoses are not really convenient for elderly people.

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