How to choose grill

How to choose grill

Outdoor recreation practically is always followed by preparation of shish kebabs, barbecue or other dishes on couple. Installation which is called grill is for this purpose used. There is set of types of grill - coal, gas, electric, etc. Each of them has merits and demerits.


1. The most widespread type of grill is the grill on coals or on firewood, the brazier belongs to this type of grill. It has compartment for coal or firewood which becomes covered by grid. The grid of coal grill, as a rule, for more uniform cooking is regulated on height. Such grill can have various form and be equipped with additional compartments and tables. The wood grill is made from cast iron or from thick metal that allows it to maintain more high temperatures.

2. Kind of coal or wood grill is the smoking shed. All process of cooking in the smoking shed happens in the closed compartment, the source of fire can be located as under food (in this case its use is similar to brazier), and on its edges, with installation of special capacity for water.

3. Unlike the listed types of grill, the gas grill has no naked flame. Its work is similar to gas-fires - source of fire is the cylinder by means of which special rings are kindled. Kind of gas grill is the grill on lava - in such grill food to be steamed from the heated lava which is warmed by gas ring.

4. The electric grill is used generally in house conditions and at restaurants, but can be applied and in the open air, on condition of availability of electric energy source.

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