How to choose ironing board

How to choose ironing board

It is considered to be that only correctly chosen iron is necessary for well ironed clothes. However for the modern hostess there are no trifles: it is not less important to choose ironing board correctly. The good ironing board will significantly increase both convenience of process of stroking, and its efficiency.

The most obvious criteria by which the board is chosen it is the sizes and weight. The sizes are selected so that the board was rather wide for comfortable placement on it of clothes, but at the same time rather compact easily to fit into the place allocated for it in the room. In folded form it also has to accept such sizes that there were no difficulties with its storage. Acceptable weight is determined for herself by the hostess: it she should lift, pull out, display and to establish board for stroking.

Further it is necessary to decide on material of which the board is made. The cheapest option – board from chipboard or plywood. The cheapest, but not the best: under the influence of moisture, steam and temperature drops, material of such board begins to be bent and deformed therefore it cannot use. On the one hand, loss, but with another – ironing board not that subject which wants to be bought often is small.

More expensive models are made of metal and to reduce the weight of such design, metal is carried out not in the form of solid-web structure, and with cuts. One more option of protection against deformation of board – the metal stiffening fins added to wooden blank. The following what it is necessary to pay attention to is legs of board. First, in the opened state they have to go beyond a few at least board, otherwise it will be unstable. Secondly, the way of adjustment of board on height matters: continuous adjustment means more flexible podstraivaniye under growth of the hostess, however is much less strong. The step system providing several fixed positions will be more durable. Pay attention that the bottom of legs has to be soft, otherwise after constant draggings you will scratch floor.  The choice of fabric which fits board is very important. Cotton fabric – the cheapest option, however now there are special non-stick synthetic fabrics with the increased thermal stability. And the last stroke – accessories which often meet at ironing boards: folding boards for stroking of sleeves, supports under the iron, etc. The support under the iron, certainly, is important advantage, however hardly you will entrust the heating device of design from couple of rods: pay special attention to support durability. As for board for stroking of sleeves, it is extremely seldom applied, but complicates design, reduces compactness and considerably increases the price. Now you know how to choose ironing board which will serve to you several years and will be your assistant in stroking of linen. 


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