How to choose knife

How to choose knife

If you want to buy simple qualitative knife which will serve to you for many years, there is no need to penetrate into the structure of structure of metal, chemical properties, production technique and other technical characteristics, it is enough to follow several simple rules.


1. Knife, one of the major elements for any cook. Qualitative knives, it is already half of work if you undertake preparation of refined dishes. At least for daily application it is necessary to have three knives, two big and one small. Big knives apply to cutting of meat, sausages, cheese and other products. Length of edges of such knives has to be not less than 20-22 cm. Small knives, are necessary for cleaning of vegetables and fruit, the cutting surface 13-14 cm long. Besides, in kitchen will not prevent to have special bread knife which has appearance of small file. They can cut exactly even just baked bread.

2. The quality of any knife depends on edge, to be exact from material of which it is made, and it, special steel, special corrosion-proof alloys and ceramics. The edges made of corrosion-proof alloys are considered as the best, for example he is lame molybdenic or chrome of vanadium steel and also from ceramics.

3. The knife handle, also plays important role in daily application. The handle can have any form, the main thing that it was convenient. As for material of which it is made, the tree is considered the best. The metal handle, is also in demand, however such knife is much heavier. Rather plastic handles, responses generally negative. Plastic is considered less practical as very easily fights.

4. The weight of any knife has to be uniformly distributed between edge and the handle. If the edge or the handle is heavier, you should use great efforts in the course of cutting therefore, the hand will quickly be tired.

5. Experts recommend to buy knives which edges of different width the point is that the edge is wider, the cut will turn out more exactly. On the other hand, it is easier to work as knife with narrow edge, however the shear line at the same time will be not equal. Therefore it is better to get one knife with wide edge for laying and one or two knives for cleaning of vegetables and fruit. Well will also not prevent to have one more utility knife with edge of average width. They can cut bread and to slice vegetables.

6. One more indicator on which choose knives – sharpness. It is better not to buy not ground knives as qualitatively to grind knife, without the special equipment, it will be difficult. Qualitative knives, have so-called, laser sharpening, it is very simple to recognize such sharpening, the edge has the equal cutting opaque edge. Knives with laser sharpening are not present need to sharpen, than more you work with it, it will be that more sharply.

7. Any knives, even the best, demand special leaving. It is impossible to cut vegetables or meat on steel or granite faces. If you manage carefully and correctly with the knives, they will serve to you not one decade. Before the first application, experts recommend to wash knife hot water, and after work to rinse water without cleaning agents and to wipe dry. It is not recommended to wash knives in dish washers, from it they are quickly in a stupor. It will occur also in cases if knives at storage adjoin to other metal objects.

8. If you have knives with wooden handles, once a month wipe them with any vegetable oil. Also do not forget that bones, cartilages and frozen meat, it is impossible to cut ordinary knives, from it they will quickly fail. Much more simply and more effectively to do it by means of small hatchet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team