How to choose knitting machines

How to choose knitting machines

Despite modern mad rhythm of life, many women like to be engaged in needlework also today – to sew, knit. Some find the calling in this hobby and closely begin to be engaged in creation of clothes. The machine for knitting allows to automate labor-intensive process. It will help you to create interesting and unique knitwear. Today producers provide wide choice of knitting machines: odnofonturny and dvukhfonturny, mechanical punched card and electronic. Not to get confused among such variety of devices, let's understand as it is correct to choose knitting machines.


1. For a start be defined, for what purpose you make purchase. If you the beginner in knitting on the machine also want to try to knit for yourself and the family, then buy the simple odnofonturny machine better. By such machine it is much easier to begin to knit. It is possible to stop the choice on inexpensive domestic model, but if you have sufficient means, then better choose import. It is simpler to adjust import knitting machines and much easier to master.

2. If you have already tried odnofonturny knitting and want to achieve the best results, for example, to knit difficult things or clothes for sale, choose the machine dvukhfonturny. The second fontura considerably expands possibilities of the machine. So, for example, you will be able to receive two-front cloth, and when knitting socks and gloves – products without seams. Besides, to such machine you will be able to buy additional devices that will make your work even more qualitative and various. The curve device, the device for automatic change of color, various carriages: what you have wide experience in knitting, especially use of these additional devices will be interesting to you.

3. Both one - and dvukhfonturny machines are both mechanical, and electronic. By the mechanical machine the knitting happens to use of punched card. The pattern is applied on it in the form of the openings filled in certain order. The device processes the card and transfers information to needles which work according to pattern at punched card. Electronic machines work via the software installed on the computer. The program allows to knit products on the set contours at once. Electronic knitting machines work from network therefore, buying such car, it is necessary to get to it uninterruptible power supply unit to protect the device from differences of tension.

4. Surely buy the car only in specialized shops. So you will be able to get qualitative and reliable model, and in case of breakage - to address in repair on guarantee. Whatever machine you as a result have chosen, you make very useful purchase, and, perhaps, it can become the beginning of your own business.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team