How to choose laminate for the house

How to choose laminate for the house

Probably, many people who are engaged in repair met problem: how to choose laminate? Unlike wooden parquet, the laminated layer has the mass of advantages, for example: it does not burn out in the sun, does not demand grinding and coverings is delicious, has special environmental friendliness. Large number of producers of laminate is presented at the modern market. But in order that it is correct to choose laminate, you have to know the following characteristics.


1. Protection. Today laminate is produced for various rooms, respectively, requirements which are imposed on coverings, differ too. At first, you have to decide for what room laminate is bought. For example, floor for the hall is more subject to abrasion and influence of moisture, class 23 laminate is for such a case necessary. And for nursery rooms or living room where requirements are lower, class 22 laminate will approach.

2. Water resistance is weak point of any laminate. As a rule, the surface of the laminated plate well resists to moisture. But if water gets to position of joints, and then and to basis, then it will lead to deformation of surface. Some the producer produce waterproof laminate, for this purpose they impregnate position of joints with special structure which pushes away moisture.

3. Noise isolation and substrate. If you put laminate on concrete basis, then when walking you will hear ringing sound. To smooth roughnesses and to remove noise, it is necessary to enclose special substrate from various materials (for example, frothed polyethylene). Some producers produce laminate with the attached substrate which increases sound insulation.

4. Way of fastening of plates. There are two main ways of fastening of plates to each other: by means of glue or the lock. Combined laminate (with the lock) does not demand glue, it is just latched on the edge parties. It is quite easy to lay such laminate independently, and if necessary you can replace the spoiled part.

5. Heat-insulated floors. Laminate well is suitable for "heat-insulated floors", but it is necessary that on packing there was the corresponding marking. The size of thermal resistance, also has to be specified in technical characteristics.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team