How to choose lianas for garden

How to choose lianas for garden

Elements of vertical gardening – the integral part of design of garden which opens ample opportunities not only in the zoning plan of the site but also allows to find unusual solutions for arrangement of any given plants. Registration of gazebos, pergolas, creation of the blossoming walls, arches – here not the full list of opportunities which use of one-year and long-term lianas gives. For the gardener it is important to know how to choose lianas for garden depending on their look and assignment.

One-year lianas for garden

One-year lianas are applied to creation of elements of vertical decor within one season. They are remarkable the fact that they blossom on average in 50 days after landing, quickly increase green material, have decorative appearance and do not stop blossoming till fall. It is possible both landing by seeds in soil, and seedling way of cultivation.

The blossoming one-year lianas for garden are applied to shadowing of gazebos, terraces, verandahs, canopies, to creation of wall compositions and dressing of farm buildings. All types of ipomea, tunbergiya, decorative haricot, liana dolikhos, kobeya, sweet pea belong to such lianas. One-year lianas for garden are good the fact that it is possible to change design of the site annually, absolutely without prejudice to plants.

Long-term lianas in garden

Long-term shrubby and grassy lianas are applied to creation of the stable, gradually accruing zones of vertical gardening everywhere. Have high decorative effect – especially later three and more years. Blossoming of long-term lianas is predetermined by biological features of plant. They are capable to give the dense or rarefied lacy shadow, can be as blossoming, and decoratively deciduous.

Cultivation of long-term lianas in many respects depends on weather conditions of zone of cultivation. For example, cultivation of wistaria in midland – business ungrateful, too severe weather conditions make impossible formation of flower brushes at cultivation in the open ground. Treat the stable blossoming treelike lianas clematis of various groups of cutting, kampsis, aktinidiya, drevogubets, different types of honeysuckle, pletisty roses, the Chinese magnolia vine, maiden grapes. Grassy long-term lianas are provided more modestly. It is the monk's-hood curling mine broad-leaved, dioskoreya Caucasian.

Use of lianas in vertical gardening will allow to turn even the most ordinary site into fantastic garden.

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