How to choose mascara for festive make-up

How to choose mascara for festive make-up

cosmetics, including mascara will help to create the memorable festive make-up to women. Producers offer the original novelties emphasizing beauty of eyes and giving highlight to image. It not only cosmetics with effect of false eyelashes, volume and extending, but also color ink.

The classical evening image demands use of brown or black ink, depending on color of eyes and hair. Paint for festive make-up can be applied slightly more, than usually to make color more saturated. And it is possible and to experiment with appearance, having chosen mascara with bright pigment or spangles.

Ink for evening make-up

Festive meyk-ap demands the careful choice of cosmetics and competent combination of shades. Therefore when choosing original ink it is better to place emphasis only on eyes, and here lips can be made up pastel lipstick or gloss.

Mascara with spangles will help to be the brightest at party. This unusual decision, for example, for New Year's make-up. Spangles can be golden, silvery or color. Accessories, eyeliner or shadows, dress can pick up such ink in tone. It is necessary to remember that ink with spangles is applied only at end of make-up, over usual cosmetics. It is possible to distribute the shining pigments only on tips of eyelashes or on all length. It is always fresh the eyelashes which are made up by color ink look. Bronze ink will help to gain effect of blinking. Bright shades select proceeding from color of eyeliner – ink has to be more saturated.

Color ink for meyk-ap

Interestingly the make-up when using blue ink looks. Famous brands release such options of paint for eyelashes with effect of lengthening and volume therefore it is possible to apply ink of blue color without preliminary use of usual ink. Blue color is suitable for brown or blue eyes, it is possible to choose such cosmetics, only if in dress there is similar shade. Beautifully looks festive meyk-ap where violet ink is applied on tips of eyelashes. This color is combined with gray, blue, green and brown eyes, at violet there is a lot of shades. Green ink is perfectly combined with green shadows, it can be emerald or olive, colors khaki. With its help it is possible to paint both upper, and lower eyelashes, and it is possible to place emphasis only in corners of eyes. Gold ink looks in combination with brown shadows and black eyeliner better. And red, pink and white mascaras will give to shape of extravagance. Dazzling-white paint will make impression that eyelashes are covered with hoarfrost. Red will be suitable for "vampire" party. Pink ink needs to be chosen only on condition of the choice of contrast eyeliner and shadows.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team