How to choose mirror for the bathroom

How to choose mirror for the bathroom

In the modern bathroom the mirror is necessary attribute of convenience, at the same time performing also decorative function. Special requirements are imposed to production of such mirrors.


1. The technology izgotovleniyamikroklimat differs in the bathroom from the rest, is constantly damp, and temperature rises, falls. It can result in fast wear of amalgam – coverings on backside of the mirror which is responsible for the reflecting effect. It will not occur if the mirror has high-quality protection of backside. In this case the backside has to be light green or green color, but not violet. The qualitative mirror cannot be cheap, and you have to buy it only in specialized shop.

2. PodsvetkaChtoba to make mirror visually it is more and to increase its functionality, modern producers equip mirrors for bathing various illumination. Illumination creates unusual lighting, visually increases space of the room and improves quality of the image in mirror. Thanks to illumination in mirror it is easily possible to consider each corner of the person that is convenient, for example, when drawing make-up.

3. PolochkiEshche one pleasant element of mirrors for bathrooms are shelves. They will be made of light modern materials, can be made transparent that also visually increases room space. Such shelves are rather strong to maintain the weight of accessories for the bathroom: glass with toothbrushes, jars with creams, hair shampoos.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team