How to choose multi Split system

How to choose multi Split system

Now there are two types of multisplit-systems: the fixed combinations of internal blocks and free configuration, like the designer. It is necessary to approach the choice and purchase of such systems extremely responsibly.


1. Generally not invertor models belong to the first type. You can find the combination of internal blocks suitable you which will repay heatinflows in each room in shops. On each ten square meters of the room more than 1 kW of refrigerating capacity of the internal block are necessary. As a result, the "seventh" standard size will be suitable for the room of 10-15 square meters, and "nine" will be suitable for the area of 20-25 square. It should be noted if the room comes to sunny side, then there has to be surely stock in 0.5 kW.

2. Multisplit-sistemy which have the fixed combination are most often arranged by wall blocks. As a result, each square meter of the room will bypass to you approximately in $50.

3. Now there are models which work both for cooling, and for heating. Consider, these conditioners have small stock on the total length of freon highways. If the increased comfort is necessary, then you will not suit not invertor models.

4. Pay attention to invertor models. Each square meter will cost you approximately $80. Invertor multisplit-systems can have any types of blocks. Most often wall, channel, cassette and ceiling models meet. Such models are capable to work in the economical mode. Less electric power will be spent in this case for 40-45%. Invertor systems are capable to work with extended routes.

5. Total power of internal blocks is capable to exceed the power rating of the external block considerably. This condition is inadmissible for not invertor models. For example, the eight-kilowatt external block can work without problems in combination with four internal blocks on 3.5 kW. If you at the same time turn on all blocks, then they totally will give only 8 kW. However it practically never occurs. If people are in the living room, then one or two blocks work. At night the conditioner works in economy mode. As a result the system well copes with the task.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team