How to choose obuvnitsa to the hall

How to choose obuvnitsa to the hall

Storage of street footwear not in special cabinet, and directly on floor in the hall results not only in insanitary conditions, but also to deformation by shoe and boot. It is possible to step on them accidentally and by that to spoil. Therefore purchase of obuvnitsa – the only opportunity to keep the footwear whole, and floor – clean and free.


1. The right choice of obuvnitsa, first of all, depends on the hall sizes where she will settle down. If room space small (less than couple of square meters) also does not allow to establish full-fledged dresser, it is better to buy the narrow, extended up locker to "sly". Then in small space corridor there will be place for maneuvers on removal of winter clothes and razuvaniye more than one person. Regiments of such "slim" are not sliding, but folding, that is their doors do not swing open outside, and reveal as wind compartment of plate for cooking. Footwear is put not on sole, and rests sock down. As the cabinet is made of chipboard, shoes before the room in it have to be cleaned from dirt and be dried.

2. Other option suitable for the hall with bigger area, the curbstone padded stool is. From above it is upholstered with soft material on which it is convenient to sit down for comfortable razuvaniye, at the same time the taken-off footwear is placed in the put-forward boxes. That is the piece of furniture will have dual-use: storage by shoe and the place for sitting. In it the washed and dry-through footwear also has to be put, otherwise the wood fiber will darken from dirt and is deformed from dampness.

3. The simplest option which is not demanding any pretreatment of footwear is the simple metal or plastic rack grid. Its advantage which is not possessed by the previous types - it is fine ventilation as in open conditions the boots dry naturally. At the same time there is no need on arrival home at once to go to the bathroom and to wash them, the procedure can be put away for later. Minus – the dirt brought from the street pours on floor and on the shoes located below subjected also to dust pollution. Such obuvnitsa will suit families with children which it is difficult to force to look after footwear – after walk they prefer to push them on regiment and to leave care of the sneakers, boots and boots on parents.

4. Obuvnitsa-shkaf is the piece of furniture containing set of fastenings and hinges which in use are in the habit to be loosened and fall out of grooves especially if regiments are made of chipboard. Therefore upon purchase it is necessary to check carefully reliability of all bolts and canopies and also to try to shake slightly cabinet, ispytyv it on durability. It is good when high and narrow "sly" has the additional wall fastenings giving it stability.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team