How to choose oriental carpet

How to choose oriental carpet

The oriental carpet is kind of carpets which covers floor indoors completely or its some part. Lint-free carpet, being decor element, absorbs noise and will amortize when walking. Correctly picked up oriental carpet can make surprising transformations, doing the room festive and at the same time house and cozy.


1. Select oriental carpet according to style. That your house did not resemble east market the drawing and color have to be combined with room interior. The pattern of oriental carpet should not be evident, and colors to irritate. Remember that light tone visually increase the room as well as patterns on diagonal. Large patterns narrow the room. In the bedroom it is the best of all to put oriental carpet of warm pastel shades, and in the living room and the nursery it is possible to use bright saturated colors. You should not decorate the room with motley oriental carpet, its ornament has to correspond to room interior – to chairs, sofas, beds, tables, cabinets.

2. Choose the suitable size for the room in which you want to place oriental carpet. By the size the carpets can be separated into three groups: small – up to 3 square meters, averages – from 3 to 6 square meters and big – from 6 square meters and more. Small oriental carpets will be suitable for allocation of dot zones (the place before fireplace, at bed). Averages – can be separate elements of decor, allocating certain zone of the room. Big oriental carpets are capable to create in general the image of the room. Regardless of the carpet size, it is necessary to have so that at accommodation of people on sofas and chairs both of them legs appeared on oriental carpet.

3. Decide on color of oriental carpet that it approached under the general concept of decor. Monophonic carpets favourably emphasize color and form of furniture. Pay attention, to color of your gender. On floor of light shades it will be good to look oriental carpet of the same tones. If your gender of dark tones, it is better to play on contrast and to lay light oriental carpet. To the spacious room with large amount of sunlight the oriental carpet of dark tones will approach. If windows of the room come to North side and see not enough sunlight, warm the room with oriental carpet of light tones.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team