How to choose overlappings

How to choose overlappings

Have you decided to construct country house? You need to find suitable overlapping, they are several types. Consider that the type of overlappings approaches each object.

It is required to you

  • overlappings, special equipment for delivery to building site and for mounting


1. Durability – the most important requirement. Good overlapping will sustain not only the curb weight, but also weight of the designs leaning on it. Even at overall load of strong deflection of plate should not be.

2. Ensuring rigidity of design – one more important function which is performed by overlapping. A lot of things depend also on its assignment.

3. Fire resistance, heat-shielding, vapor barrier, sound insulation – here not the full list of characteristics. The design of overlapping has to suit house type, especially it concerns its base and walls.

4. Overlappings are issued different design, they differ from each other in parts. For example, wood beams strengthen metal or do with double-T section.

5. Overlappings can be classified by assignment. The first type of overlappings - garret. They separate the inhabited floor from not heated attic. There are interfloor overlappings which separate inhabited floors.

6. Basement overlappings separate the basement from the inhabited floor. In construction use also the socle overlappings separating the inhabited floor from cold underground.

7. There is opportunity to combine different types of overlappings. Entrance group with hood and figured bay window in multy-storey buildings demand use of monolithic plate. The main part of the floor can be blocked standard panels.

8. In the last decades, overlappings from concrete panels most often meet. The industry releases hollow and flat plates. The hollow option is used at construction of cottages. Such plates have smaller weight.

9. Construction terms when using combined covering are considerably reduced. Construction of the house on the technology providing use of hollow plates costs cheaper option with monolithic overlapping.

10. Let's notice that installation of precast structures is impossible without participation of the expensive equipment. You can choose overlapping from reinforced concrete slabs for houses from blocks, brick. It will be suitable for cottages from bar and log, monolithic houses.

11. Joist ceiling is also widespread in construction. It well is suitable for individual low construction. Joist ceilings differ in simplicity of mounting. Their use allows suit good sound insulation and thermal insulation in the house.

12. If you have decided to build the brick house, choose combined overlapping from hollow concrete panels. Such plates block all flight — from internal load bearing wall to external.

13. Overlapping has several advantages: fire resistance, durability, technological effectiveness of mounting. Panels which are calculated on operational load of 800 kgfs/sq.m are most often used.

14. Joist ceilings are issued different types: metal, reinforced concrete, wooden. At construction of low-rise buildings it is possible to use overlappings on wood beams. They are distinguished by the low cost and ease of construction.

15. If you choose joist ceilings, attentively count loading, your miscalculations can lead to deflections of overlappings and their destruction.

16. Correctly choose the section of beams. Consider that it is necessary to choose such beams which height should not be less than 1/16 width of effective span, and width — 1/3–1/2 these sizes. It is considered that the bar at which the ratio of the parties equals 7:5 is the strongest beam on bend.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team