How to choose paint for wall-paper

How to choose paint for wall-paper

Having come to the serious shop trading in building materials do not hesitate to address the selling assistant concerning paint grade necessary for you. As a rule, firms train the employees to give competent consultations to buyers and to help with the choice of paints and varnishes. You can ask such question and to professionals if they do repair in your house, they know for sure everything about paints. But, of course, you will be able to choose paint for wall-paper and independently if you know some subtleties.


1. The price can indirectly speak about quality of paint. Good paint contains number of special additives which increase its technical and utilization properties in the structure. In spite of the fact that these additives are present at insignificant quantity, they are expensive and influence the paint price. Therefore too low cost causes suspicion. But also it does not make sense to buy too expensive paint. Try to choose optimum ratio of the price and quality.

2. If you are not sure that the paint which was pleasant to you will approach on color and quality the invoice of wall-paper and to interior, better at first buy on trial one liter, paint meter of wall-paper and after their drying look at the gained effect at different lighting. In that case you will not make the wrong choice and will not lose too much money if something does not suit you.

3. Attentively read what is written on the label. Usually there all information necessary for you contains. So, for wall-paper you need water dispersible paint which on bank is marked by letters VD. Depending on structure such paint can be polyvinyl acetate (on the basis of PVA), acrylic or latex. The glue color on the basis of PVA – the cheapest, opaque, suits only for dry rooms and is mainly applied on mineral surface, but not on wall-paper. The latex paint (designation on VD-VA bank) can be used for coloring of cullets and textural surfaces, it differs in good water resistance. But it is necessary to put it at temperature not below plus 8 and plus 35 is not higher. Acrylic paint (marking of VD-AK) is considered universal and is widely applied to painting of different surfaces, including wall-paper. She well washes and keeps color under the influence of the sun.

4. Paint under wall-paper is produced white color and upon purchase is tinted in such shade which is necessary to you. But do not try to remember number of shade, without having found out the name of the producer since at each of them the system of kolerovka. When you have decided how you will tint paint, try to order its full volume at once. If there is not enough paint, and you will come to shop once again, the shade of new party can not coincide with the fact that at you was.

5. Pay attention to paint consumption which is specified on the label. It is pointed most often in square meters to kilogram (or liter). To define as far as it is favorable, count expense in grams for square meter. If you have read on the label that paint needs to be applied in two layers, it means that the expense will be a little big, than it is specified on bank.

6. Certification on the international ISO 14024:1999 has to be one of the most important criteria upon purchase of paint and it is desirable – marking of ELF: it means that the product does not contain solvents and softeners. Such paint is expensive, but will not be injurious to your health.

7. Remember that water dispersible paints lose the properties on frost and have to be stored in rooms which are heated. Therefore do not buy materials of this kind in the winter on the open areas.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team