How to choose plate on kitchen

How to choose plate on kitchen

What serves as peculiar axis around which all family life rotates? What symbolizes house heat, cosiness and safety? Of course, center. Today the centers have successfully replaced kitchen stoves which have completely adopted high purpose at the predecessors – to serve as the center of house life. Certainly, so responsible mission assumes very scrupulous approach to the choice of modern home – kitchen stove.


1. First of all, it is necessary to be defined – whether the built-in equipment or separate is necessary to you. The built-in furnace can be selected proceeding from color and invoices of complete kitchen. It will look as a unit with kitchen furniture. The self-supporting plate is universal. Besides, it is much cheaper than built in.

2. The following criterion – type of plate. On sale there are three types of kitchen furnaces – gas, electric and combined. If you have decided to choose the electric stove, you should draw the closest attention to its surface. The working surface of kitchen electric stoves can be konforochny or glass-ceramic. Konforochny plates are cheaper, but it is already Stone Age. Glass-ceramic cooking surfaces are easily operated, easily wash and it is much safer konforochny. From shortcomings it is possible to call absence on surface of plate of the sides capable to hold on it liquid in case of "accident". Upon purchase of gas-fire it is necessary attentively will examine all its functions. Availability of such option as automatic shutdown of supply of gas at disappearance of flame is obligatory. Also electroignition will be not superfluous. If around your accommodation the regular cutoff of gas or electricity practices – the composite panel will become the way out. If, of course, it is found in sale.

3. Oven – important part of kitchen stove. In electric stoves of oven differ only with functionality. As a rule, such oven includes 2 heating coils, has function of illumination and temperature regulator. In expensive models there are convection oven and function of convection. Gas-fires are equipped with the gas or electric ovens having various functions.

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