How to choose pot for flower

How to choose pot for flower

If you have decided to be engaged in cultivation of cacti, then pay special attention to the choice of ware in which there will be plant. Now in flower shops happy wide choice of various flower pots.


1. If dry air indoors prevails, then it is the best of all to get traditional porous clay pot for flower. Today color parallelepipeds enjoy wide popularity. They look esthetically. The earth mode in such pots usually moderate. Besides, they can keep long time the soil in damp state. You will not need to water constantly flower, properties of the soil will not change.

2. On sale you can also meet plastic pots of various types. Even jars and boxes are suitable for cultivation of cacti. Many fans make ware of polystyrene, organic glass and aluminum foil. In this case it is necessary to consider, white polystyrene will be quickly soiled and turn yellow in the sun. Pasting of organic glass is carried out only by poisonous solvents which work great mischief to human health.

3. You can buy ware from polystyrene in shop. It is recommended to get pots which are painted in gray or brown tone. Big distribution was received by the ware having the cube form. At change of plant in such ware it is necessary to count the volume of root system of plant first of all. In process of growth of plant the pots need to be changed for more volume.

4. Consider, for cacti it is not recommended to use wide ware. The fact is that the big soil surface promotes fast evaporation of moisture therefore you should carry out watering more often. It can lead to change of acidity of land mix. It is the best of all to plant room cacti in narrow pots which are made of polystyrene.

5. The pot made of aluminum foil well will be suitable for small cactus. You can apply the same ware to landing of stocks, especially numerous pereskiopsis.

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