How to choose powder

How to choose powder

Modern means for washing of linen are provided in shops so widely that you are necessarily lost. It appears, it is correct to choose laundry detergent not to damage to either the washing machine, or things, nor those who will carry these things, not so simply. Each hostess solves whether to use the checked powder to trust in advertizing or to try the little-known brand.


1. In the beginning be defined how you are going to erase – manually, in the machine of activated type or in automatic. The powders intended for each of these types of washing differ on extent of foaming: large-scale at means for hand wash and machines of activated type, low – at those that are suitable for automatic machines.

2. Decide for what type of fabrics you need powder. Universal remedies are suitable for all types of fabrics, but for woolen and silk things it is better to choose nevertheless special and never to erase them powders with biosystems, or the enzymes intended for removal of proteinaceous pollution – spots of blood, milk, etc. Enzymes will begin to destroy together with spots of squirrels of wool and silk. Besides, powders meet the enzymes intended to delete spots from starched and fat pollution. When using powders with biosystems in hand wash it is necessary to protect hands gloves. For washing of the color things which are especially unsteadily painted buy special powder which will maintain color of fabrics and will not allow them to fade.

3. If you are going to bleach fabric by means of laundry detergent, you need means which structure has included oxygen-containing bleach. Do not confuse with the optical whitening agent entering many powders – it only creates effect of snow whiteness, in a special way reflecting light by means of the particles settling on fabric.

4. Special powders which composition has not included the fragrances capable to cause allergies are intended for clothes of small children. Often children's powders are made on the basis of soap shaving which as it is considered, does not make harmful effects on skin of babies. The same means will be suitable also for washing of clothes of allergic persons.

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