How to choose pump

How to choose pump

Water pumps resolve the issues connected with pumping of water and other liquids. They can perform the different functions which - are water supplying, drainage, clearing. When choosing pump it is necessary to decide on its type, power, pressure which she will be able to create.


1. The pump can be manual, electric or petrol. Choose manual pump in case you are able to pump up the water volume which to you is necessary, small, several dozen liters for domestic needs by means of such pump in couple of minutes. At dachas often use electric pumps, they are rather powerful to pump water for watering of small kitchen garden and shower. The electric pump - the best choice for personal plot, but only in case there is electricity. In the absence of the electric power or increased requirements to performance choose motor-pumps, that is pumps with the gasoline or diesel engine.

2. If you want your pump to work like clock-work and gave constant equal pressure, you need to buy the device with the pressure switch and the hydroaccumulator. These devices allow to support automatically pressure in system, protect from hydroblows, do work of pumps of more economic.

3. Water pumps can be surface and submersible. The first are intended for injection of water from superficial reservoirs or from wells of small depth, the second plunge into wells and create sufficient pressure to lift water from deep water. Submersible pumps possess generally electric engine.

4. Before purchase of pump count amount of water necessary for you. Calculations can be made according to the following data - the person uses on average 200 liters of water a day, watering of 1 square meter of kitchen garden requires about 5 liters of water. The pump which you buy has to provide the performance, necessary for giving of such amount of water.

5. Make sure that the considered model can create the necessary pressure, depends on it whether the pump will be able to lift water on necessary height. At the same time do not forget that the pressure is spent not only for liquid raising, but also for its movement on horizontal sites: 10 meters of the horizontal pipeline when calculating can be equated to 1 meter of vertical.

6. Some pumps can pump over only clear water, others are supplied with special filters and without problems will extort water from the polluted reservoirs. Before purchase make sure that the pump will be calculated on degree of pollution of your water.

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