How to choose qualitative kitchen

How to choose qualitative kitchen

In use the complete kitchen is subjected to serious tests. In kitchen happens hot, people clap doors of boxes, water flows. That furniture has served long and had worthy appearance, it is necessary to pay attention to its quality when choosing.


1. Choose kitchen furniture of that firm which is well-known and has perfectly proved in the market. If the producer has just entered the market, attentively study documentation of firm which concerns certification of work ticket.

2. Buying complete kitchen, attentively consider it. Take an interest whether is not present on surface of cracks or scratches if kitchen furniture is lacquered. On upholstery of furniture seams should not disperse and stick out threads. It is sign of low-quality product, do not buy it even if will offer you discounts. Subsequently it is necessary to regret about purchase as repair will be much more expensive.

3. Before purchase of furniture on kitchen unpack set and examine it regarding identical tone of furniture upholstery. Sometimes it is possible to find different color after the kitchen set is brought to the house. Of course, there is possibility of exchange, but it can take a lot of time and will sadden the joy of purchase.

4. Show consideration for check of various fastenings and parts of accessories. Fastening has to be qualitative, inadmissibly that shutters of cabinets creaked and dangled. Check whether they are located at one level, and whether efforts are necessary densely to close shutters. Make sure whether accessories parts coincide with color registration of complete kitchen, whether they have high quality. Examine fastenings carefully, this measure will allow you to avoid in the future many problems.

5. The Tselnokleeny design from chipboard is considered the best version of the body of complete kitchen. Advantage of such basis is that it has no external couplers, and it is not loosened. At factory all necessary boxes and lockers integrate into the body that is assembly quality guarantee.

6. Artificial stone – the best material for table-top as it differs in high resistance to various types of influence. Choosing material for table-top, be guided by this factor.

7. That the hostess in cooking time could change position of backbone, it is desirable that height of working surfaces was different.

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