How to choose quality steklomagnezitovy sheets

How to choose quality steklomagnezitovy sheets

Steklomagnezitovy sheets - rather new, but quickly gaining popularity material in the construction market. They have clear advantages over analogs, but it is necessary to make still right choice between many producers.

Rather recently on the construction market new material — steklomagnezitovy sheets (SML) has intruded. These sheets in all types of finishing work compete and replace gypsum cardboard. The leader of production of SML is China having the most large-scale deposits of magnesium.

Advantages of sheets SML

Steklomagniyevy sheets are reinforced by grid from fiber glass fabric and completed with mix of components: shaving of wood and perlite, chloride and oxide of magnesium. Percentage increase in the last component up to 40-45%, gives durabilities to sheets of premium class. Sheets are issued format of 2.44×1.22 m and 3-12 mm thick. (on some sources — up to 20 mm.), having one rough surface (for the best linking with plaster), and another — smooth (under painting or paperhanging).

Unlike gypsum cardboard, material SML has number of advantages:

  • At the identical sizes with HL, weight is 40% less;
  • The similar rigidity with HL, requires leaf twice of smaller thickness, without loss to crash-worthiness and noise isolation;
  • Special processing for creation of curvilinear designs, without break of materials is not required;
  • Moisture resistance. Even at long contact, does not absorb water, giving the chance of application in constructions, with the increased humidity;
  • Fire safety. SML maintain temperature up to 1200 C ° that gives the chance to apply as thermal insulation material, at arrangement of furnaces and flues.

SML shortcomings

Sheets of poor quality, often handicraft work, can emit salts when soaking that leads to metal corrosion. Such sheets are easier painted since contain chalk or lime, having smaller rigidity and flexibility. Distinctions of SML of "Premium class" from "House-keeper" — are essential:

  • High quality SML, have yellowish bezhevaty shade, unlike white or grayish — at poor quality;
  • To the touch. At poor quality the edge fragile and on surface is felt fine dust.
  • Only the low-quality piece of SML can stir up water in several hours;
  • The surface of sheets of low class SML can be with flizelinovy basis of rear side.

The main problems are shown because of bad knowledge of people and poor quality of SML brought first of all. However all this will not be able to interfere with advance of progressive material on the domestic markets.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team