How to choose saw disk

How to choose saw disk

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At construction, repair, at the dacha and personal plot the people constantly face need of sawing up of wood. For this purpose the hand circular saw and the circular machine is usually used.


1. Correctly chosen tool will help to process quickly and qualitatively construction material. Consider, often for work it is required additional consumables. Sometimes people manage regular disk which is included in the saw package. If sawn work of difficult character is necessary, but it is necessary to think of acquisition of good saw disk. Its cost fluctuates from 70 to 100 dollars.

2. Sellers in the market are not always capable to give competent consultation on the choice of circular saws. Diameter of external circle, seat and also its thickness acts as the basic size of round saw. Most often it is specified on the most saw disk.

3. Designs of saws can be separated into those which are made of monolithic material and those which represent hard-alloy disks. At their tips there are plates which are executed their solid alloy. Most often it is carbide of tungsten and cobalt. These designs have merits and demerits. The monolithic disk can quickly become blunted. It demands periodic sharpening and divorce of teeths. However it can sustain several grooves which are carried out independently without problems. More expensive disk which have hard-alloy teeths serve longer. However you will not manage to grind them without special machine.

4. Now disks which have hard-alloy sealings enjoy wide popularity. The popularity is reached generally thanks to cost efficiency and high quality of cut of material. Tooth can have positive or negative corner. It is formed between edge of foretooth and the line from the center of disk.

5. The geometry of teeths has strong impact on quality and speed of work. Now big distribution was received by disks which have plainly the ground teeths. They can be applied to the most various work.

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