How to choose set for fondue

How to choose set for fondue

The situation when guests have suddenly come, and in the fridge, except couple of champignons, piece of cheese, couple of sausages and yesterday's long loaf is familiar to each hostess, there is nothing. Here adaptation ultrafashionable nowadays called set for preparation of fondue will come to the rescue. Set consists of kettle, long forks, torch or candle, dish for the cut stuffings. And that it was not a shame before future guests and it is sick for dullly spent money, set for fondue should be chosen correctly.


1. First of all decide what fondue you would like to offer the guests more often. There are four main types of dish: fondue for which preparation broth, fondue with the oil boiling in kettle, chocolate fondue, cheese fondue is used. The fondue pot (kakelon) – kettle as a part of set for fondue – is ceramic, clay or metal. For chocolate fondue it is reasonable to choose set with ceramic or clay fondue pot. It is better to prepare bouillon, oil or cheese fondue in kettle from metal. And metal can be both steel, and cast iron. The steel pot looks more esthetic, but pig-iron is more practical and better holds temperature.

2. Look narrowly attentively at the forks entering set for fondue. They have to be long, with the protected handles. For chocolate or cheese fondue it is necessary on 1 fork on the person, for meat – on two. One of them serves in order that lower piece in oil, and the second helps to remove it from fork not to get burn.

3. The candle will be suitable for the ceramic fondue pot intended for preparation of chocolate fondue as source of heat. The torch is necessary for metal kettle. Choose torch with temperature regulator as different temperature is necessary for preparation of different types of fondue. There are also electric fondues. But it is not so romantic to cook snack on electricity how to prepare on fire.

4. Pay attention to support. In optimal variant it consists of metal (more rare wooden) bases for torch and grid on which the fondue pot is put. In cheap sets only the grid most often meets.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team