How to choose shovel

How to choose shovel

Among the garden and garden and construction tool the shovel deservedly occupies one of the places of honor. This irreplaceable adaptation for country beds and buildings of all scales has many options, and improvement of designs continues. Knowledge of all features of this stock will help to choose optimal variant of shovel for your specific need.


1. Whatever shovel you have chosen, it has to be convenient in operation, moderately the functions easy, reliable and durable. You will quickly be tired of heavy shovel, and extralight it will be fragile. Main types of shovels a little. What is necessary to you - be defined, proceeding from the purchase purposes.

2. Spades (in the past "spades") - the main help at earth vskopka, earthing up of plants, digging of trenches and holes. The tray of such shovel fastens to shank 120-130 cm long at an angle of 180 degrees and has in upper part so-called nastup - site for leg emphasis. The bayonet of shovel is made of plain steel, stainless steel and even titanic material. It can be the sharpened, rectangular or rounded shape. There are also special configurations of bayonet: the option with the jagged end intends for works on the firm soil, with crescent form - for lawn works, with grooves on edge - for works on loamy soil.

3. Square-faced shovels differ from bayonet in tray form. Sidewalls at it are raised, and accession to shank goes with bias to 120 degrees. Functions of square-faced shovel in garden - entering into not fertilized soil of manure or mixes. One of types of square-faced shovels - shovel for snow cleaning. It has always very wide tray.

4. Where it is inconvenient and heavy to work with big square-faced shovel (the tray takes it to 5 kg and more), use scoops. Their sizes and models are also various. For example, the ladle scoop supplied with the handle is convenient both for scooping, and for transfer of small crushed stone and gravel.

5. If you need shovel also as the axe or pick, choose shovel axe at which the cutting part is made of the tempered alloy steel and has the strengthened double sharpening.

6. For digging-up of beds and loosening of the earth the experts advise to use shovels pitchfork: their direct teeths not only easily break lumps, but also perfectly ventilate the soil.

7. Work with the earth in limited space (for example, when digging well) will demand engineer blade. It at need can serve also as chopper if to fix part of the folding handle by bolt under the necessary corner.

8. Give preference in work with tenacious soil to shovels with the special handles in form reminding the capital Latin letters T,Y,D. These handles considerably facilitate dredging of the "difficult" earth, without allowing hands to slide on shank.

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