How to choose silk blanket

How to choose silk blanket

The silk blanket is and use subject, both interior element, and fine gift, irreplaceable in cold time. Therefore many producers seek to give externally similar goods for the real silk blanket.

It is required to you

  • - detailed visual examination.


1. Before purchase of silk blanket decide what product is necessary for you in terms of temperature condition. If in the house cold and in addition often turn off heating, then buy the thickest copy what is in shop. It not only will warm you in winter icy cold, but will serve if necessary and mattress. Fillers of the majority of silk blankets differ in unsurpassed softness.

2. To choose really qualitative blanket from silk at first study information on label. First of all pay attention to structure. If fabric more than for 20% consists of synthetic materials (viscose, polyester, etc.), then you will sweat under such blanket since artificial fabrics pass air much worse. Besides silk blankets with big impurity of synthetics accumulate static electricity. What, certainly, disturbs your comfortable and quiet dream.

3. If natural down acts as filler, then consider attentively all product. The fact is that unfair producers often sew thin bedticks in duvets. And in use down begins to make the way outside, the taking cover person inhales small fuzzes and feels terrible discomfort. Therefore if at visual examination you have noticed such defect, then refuse purchase better, or independently replace bedtick.

4. Also pay attention to material thickness. Even natural and quality silk will not sustain active operation if is too thin. If to consider that the majority of silk blankets are quilted, then fine fabric will begin to be torn, first of all, in places stitches. So, you need to pay special attention to condition of silk in these parts.

5. You watch that upon purchase on blanket there were no catches since this defect is unrecoverable. And over time in this place the hole surely will appear.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team