How to choose sofa eurobook

How to choose sofa eurobook

Such mechanism of transformation of sofa as "eurobook", has been really developed on the basis of the book. For today it is one of the most reliable and simple designs in upholstered furniture. But to buy sofa eurobook which will serve long it is necessary to consider some important points at its choice.


1. Stop the choice on sofa eurobook if you need to use constantly it as berth. The mechanism of moving apart of "eurobooks" is calculated on frequent transformation. If ideally flat place for dream in sliding state is required, then the sofa eurobook will approach as any other type of sofas. Besides it does not need to be removed specially from wall, creating the place for maneuvers when unfolding. It saves space in small rooms.

2. Pay attention to sofa armrests. They can be in various models or fitted by fabric, or wooden (sometimes varnished) without upholstery. Armrests are removable at sofas eurobooks, being at the same time additional pillows. Such removable armrests can be attached to sofa by "velcros" or be located freely. The right to choose model with certain type of armrests which will suit you remains for the buyer.

3. The back wall of qualitative sofa eurobook has to have the same appearance of upholstery, as well as on the main frontal parts of model. Because of this quality the similar sofas can be placed not only at wall, but also in the center of the room. In some models of sofas the part of back wall forms low side when unfolding that can be very convenient too.

4. Euroknizhka can be two types of configurations – angular or direct. Angular sofas have the much bigger size of berth, than straight lines. Many models of "eurobooks" support offices for bed linen.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team